Saturday, 5 October 2013


I still have not decided how this blog would turn out to be. Would this be an informative type for would-be backpackers to refer for some information or would this be my sounding board where I need to pour out my thoughts. I am actually more tempted towards the latter. I know it would not bring me the moolah but I guess this financial-requirement has been constricting me for so long. I have finally decided to write because I simply need to write.

That is my strategy at this at this point. To bring back the passion that I once had. When words would just pour out endlessly when I face a blank screen or a blank page.

I am now towards the end of my backpacking journey. The third one. I thought I would have some answers right now. But no. Life has this way of giving you more questions. In the end you just have to learn to live with the questions.

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