Monday, 20 September 2010

Random Lesson : Have an Anchor

My decision to transfer to my new company has been challenged by several factors lately. I always find myself staring at the Taguig skyline early in the morning from one of the lavishly designed meeting rooms, pondering upon my fate.

It was a good thing that several months back I revived my former habit of writing a journal ( an offshoot requirement for my state of life discernment activity with my prayer community). Tonight I was put back in perspective when I read the thought process behind my decision. That I was able to capture those thoughts and emotions in its raw form back then was truly amazing.

I miss my old job, because it afforded me to go places where I have never been. But then again, knowing that this transfer would help me achieve my financial freedom soon somehow alleviate those doubts.

I get to realize now the value of an ongoing journal. It serves as an anchor of the past. It puts things in perspective when things somehow become confusing. It gives you a chance to step back, reassess the situation and look at the entire picture.

Not sure why am posting this shot.. It was taken from a train station on our way to conquer Mt Fuji in 2009.

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