Friday, 13 September 2013

3rd Time

This is my third time to backpack across Europe. As one might expect I should be more or less quite adept at all the planning. But this appears to be the trip where I am least prepared. Perhaps because I got so busy with work I haven't put too much attention into my itinerary. Also I was not able to manage my cash flow properly and to make matters worse one of my HSBC cards was not promptly replaced hence my financial latitude during this trip is a bit tight. Furthermore a few days before my trip I was down with the flu and I was a bit afraid the sickness would linger till my departure.

But here I am now in the cafe of my hostel in France contemplating upon what this journey would offer. It feels surreal that two days ago I was deeply entrenched in my life in Manila and now here I am in a foreign location and everything that I know as home, exists in a faraway place, as if it never existed.

This time I promised to be a bit more diligent in documenting my thoughts. I would expect this blog to be a steady stream of unfocused thoughts but I guess I'd have to deal with it if only to capture what is raw and what is pressing.

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