Tuesday, 4 June 2013


When life gives you an almost knockout  punch, you get up and fight again. And learn a lesson or two from that incident lest you get punched again with the same sneaky jab.

I had a major setback one month after my backpacking trip. My house was burglarized. And in that incident I lost my Nikon D90, my Macbook Pro and two of my hard drives. I am ok to lose my Mac and my Cam. It's something that I could replace some day. What pisses me off is that the files I've had since 2006 not to mention the high resolution photos from my European escapade are forever lost.
I curse the person who did this. I sincerely hope he gets his karma. Man, I'd love to see this guy get bulldozed or decapitated or have any of the graphic deaths featured in Saw and Final Destination. Screw him.

Anyway I could not  find an appropriate expression in English. In Kiniray-a we call it "wara man lang hingan". It's like all your efforts are all for naught. I bought 2 sets of hard drives thinking that with 3 sets of copies (the memory in Mac Book Pro counted) I have backup in case one set of files got lost or erased. Well a stinging lesson here... If you have back ups, make f^&**^^%cking sure they are not located in the same place.

It was also through this incident that I learned about iCloud. F^%#$##ck how could I miss this.

Anyway as I went through the stages of my fury and helplessness I could not help but recall some Finnish friends I met from the boat trip from Finland to Sweden. We discussed over beer the concept of God.

They insisted that it's normal for them that their default is not to believe in a Supreme Being because there is no proof otherwise.

I actually felt depressed because I could not offer a plausible explanation. We had our photo taken. Whenever I would look at that photo, it reminded me of our conversation. I would always consider it an anchor to my past.  Sadly the only copy of that photo was in the hard drive stolen and will forever be gone.

And in the burglary instance I thought about my Finnish friends.

Who is better off? Them who never had a Supreme being to believe in. Or me who claimed to be a believer of the Almighty but cursing Him for the tragedy that has befallen me.