Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 5 - Hamburg

This photo was taken on Day 5 of my journey. We were on our way to Hannover where I will be catching the bus to Mannheim.

I love the feeling of taking the train. Somehow it makes me contemplative.

A few weeks back I felt that my life was in doldrums. But now I have a feeling that things are just going to be fine. I still have a lot of questions. And I frankly I am accepting the fact that some might never be answered at all. But I guess one would just have to keep on moving.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 2 - Paris

On my 2nd day in Paris I passed by the CS activity "Picnic du Jour", a daily Picnic activity hosted by Rodney. Too bad I was set to leave for Bremen that evening so I had to leave early. I guess I missed the rest of the CS folks. I hope to meet them when I pass by Paris in July.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day 1 - Paris

Do you know where're going to ?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?

This song was playing on my mind as I was taking the metro in Paris. It felt surreal. Yesterday I was just dodging the jeepneys in the busy highways of Manila and right now I am smack in a city that speaks a foreign language.

This is what I love about traveling. It reminds you that No, you were never the center of the universe. Out here if you ask a random person on the train, he would never have any idea of your hometown. It's as if your home, the whole place you've known as your universe while you were growing up, the people you've come to know, never existed. It's kinda scary if you think of it.

I have this crazy habit of analyzing people boarding the train and imagining the thoughts running through their minds. What were they thinking? Some might be thinking of what train connection to take. Some might wonder when he's going to have the balls to quit his job. Another might just be pondering on what Starbucks variant to order this time.

Or if someone is in his more profound moments, he'd probably be thinking like what I'm thinking right now, what is effing point in all of this?

So many questions. I guess I will have just to keep on asking for now.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Lost and Found

I know I have posted this picture before but I am reposting it again because I find it rather timely. I first saw this sign when I was in Vienna last year and ever since I was haunted by it.

Right now I am heeding the signs. I have quit my job and am taking this European backpacking adventure. I am at a loss right now because the reason why I quit my job was rather devastating. It's like I'm picking up the pieces of my broken self.

I must admit that I am lost right now. It's scary because I don't have any assurance that I will have a job waiting for me back home.

But hopefully after emptying my purse (almost) and starting a new life, I will soon find myself.

Sometimes one has to get lost in order to be found.

The journey begins...