Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Europe Backpacking 101 - Part 1

It had always been my dream to travel around Europe. I recall drooling over the photos that my jet-setter aunt had when they visited Madrid, Paris and Rome some time in 2005. Ever since that moment I have filed in the deep recesses of my mind that some day I would get to see the breathtaking architecture that I have seen in the photos.

When I asked my aunt how much they spent for the trip, her nonchalant reply made me choke. 1 million pesos!!! Wow "Saang kamay ng Diyos ko kukunin yan?" I muttered to myself.

Though the price seemed steep I just knew that I had to to be in Europe in one way or the other. It was only a question of time.

 Fast forward to 2011. Through sheer luck and determination, the universe did conspire to finally have me get what I have always wanted.  I was finally able to backpack across Europe (well at least 6 of its cities) in two 2 weeks. To say that the trip changed my perspective is an understatement, it altered my game plan in life. But that's jumping ahead of the story.

I was deeply moved by what I have seen. It has been my wish since if every one from this side of the globe could get to see what I have seen.

I know it's tough, seeming impossible even. Hell, it's unfair for us Pinoys actually. We could slave in our jobs for ten years and that could barely give us the amount for backpacking in Europe. But they- I refer to my friends from the US and Europe- on the other hand had it somewhat easy. They can get an extra job-baby sitting, bartending etc- for a year and readily afford to roam around Europe.

Ticking an item off my bucket list- Backpacking in Europe
I guess it's just the way it is.. But it should not dampen your spirit. If you have the will, you will always find a way.

I'm putting this series to provide tips on how an average-income Pinoy can experience European backpacking.

I spent about 150 T ( a far cry from what aunt quoted) for the entire trip including airfare. I realize on hindsight that I could have even spent much lower. So if you're dream is to visit Europe on a shoestring here is my attempt to share my experience as well as my booboos along the way.

It is my fervent hope that this would help you pursue that European backpacking dream.

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