Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Week 4

It's rather unnerving to think that it's already my week 4 in my new company. I miss the camaraderie of my old company. The chit chats in the pantry, the occasional hiritan in the email, the quick updates during a facility tour. But now I have slowly accepted the fact that I have to move on.

In my second week in DKS my decision to move has been challenged. The amount of workload was more than what I've expected. But then when I stepped back and went through again the salient points, the underlying items, why I had to move, I became firmer in my resolve. I had to do the leap to achieve financial freedom. I am glad to say that the debt I incurred when my dad had a stroke 2 years ago will finally be settled.

I am sad in a lot of ways... yet I am pleased that things are going according to my plan.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Changes 2

Today was my first day in the new company. Everything has just been pretty overwhelming. Last Friday I was still dong some turnovers in my old office. Then over the weekend I joined my new team for the team building activity and today I was already in my new company attending the day 1 orientation.

There is definitely a huge contrast between the old and new. The new one is definitely bigger (1800 FTEs !!!) and the lobby definitely intimidating.

I do miss the home-y feel of the old office. But it's comforting to know that am just on the other building.

In a lot of ways I am a closest resistor... I advocate on living and breathing change. After all in my new role I will be part of the team that would drive change.

But deep inside I am a wimp.. reluctant of change... And I guess everyone is inherently predisposed to hold on to the familiar..And I guess it's not a bad thing.. it's just make us human...

And perhaps reaching that level of maturity to finally embrace change is one of life's lessons.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Life for most part is a steady state, a status quo. And then a jolt occurs, a quantum leap happens, a wave of change overwhelms you...It is how you cope with that change that defines you as a person.

I sit here rambling away, seemingly unperturbed yet I know that come Monday it will be a whole new routine, a whole new environment. And I would have just to embrace that change.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Video of our Bantay Pawikan Activity 2008

Our valiant attempt to document our turtle release activity in an MTV format

We released the turtle hatchlings on the sandy beaches of Morong one cloudy Saturday morning. Two days fresh from being hatched, these marine turtles will start their journey in the rough waters, with no training, no briefing, no preparation, armed only with that instinct to survive and deal with whatever is out there in the wild.

Considered endangered, most of these turtles will not live to see maturity - the numbers are depressing, only 1% will make it.

Which is why the efforts of Bantay Pawikan to enhance the survival of the turtles are pretty much admirable.

One can help by adopting a Pawikan for a minimal fee of 200 – funds go to maintenance of the turtle hatchery. The fee gives the sponsor the hands-on experience of releasing his “baby”.

It is fascinating to note that should, by a matter of luck or skill, these turtles survive, they will be coming back to these very beaches to lay eggs and begin another cycle.

No matter where the waves of life would bring them, no matter how far the corners of the world they would wander, Mother Nature will beckon them to come back when the time comes. But that won’t happen until after 50 years.

In the meantime all I can do, I suppose, is wish that my babies would make it out there.

Turtles and humans, I guess, have a lot in common.

No matter how arduous or how far or how long the journey is, there will come a time when they all come home