Tuesday, 11 October 2011

LIfe's a beach - 1

Manila is not necessarily a good place to roam around. Traffic is terrible. The train system sucks. (I mean it's light years away compared to the train system in Europe, SG or Japan). The city is cramped and urban planning was never in the vocabulary (most likely) when the city was designed.

But if your visit to the Philippines is to see the wonderful beaches that its 7107 islands have to offer then you're in the right place. To whet your appetite (and am speaking to foreigners here, because I know how we Filipinos are blessed already) I will be posting  some pictures of the beaches we have here. 

Manila is the inevitable stopover for those planning to discover the beaches on the other islands ( Boracay, Bohol, Coron etc) .

Boracay Island... It's an hour plane ride from Manila. Stopover is in Caticlan and then you take a 30-minute banca ride from there. It's a bit touristy so if you want fun and the beach at the same time, this is the place to be. During off-peak seasons though the place is a soothing refuge.. Here's one of my favorite contemplation shots. Hope this photo soothes you.. If it doesn't, then yours must be a heart of stone.. =P


Boracay Island

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