Friday, 7 October 2011

99,999 Km

Pebbles (my Mazda 3) has reached today the 99,999 km mark. I look back fondly at all the trips I've had with this car. I recall the first time I drove it to Laguna for the GE Volunteers planning session. I recall the first time I drove it at night to Batangas or the time I drove it to Pangasinan with Nonoy and Candy. I could  not forget the tour of Laguna de Bay. Then there's this almost spontaneous RORO trip to San Jose ( the farthest I have brought her) And of course those numerous trips to Bantay Pawikan.

I look forward to the next 99,999 km of fun and adventure.

1 comment:

  1. weeeee!!!! i hope i can still be part of the next 99,999! :D