Sunday, 19 September 2010

Three Months and Counting

It has been three months since I left my comfort zone. A lot of things have happened, at least outside my world, but for me everything seemed to pass by in just a blur. I must admit I have had doubts about my transfer to my new work but I always remind myself of the primary motivation why I made the move and somehow that made things in perspective.

I've had bouts of nostalgia of late and I somehow get depressed when I look back at the long term goals I have written down ten years back. Somewhere in the period between that boat ride from Mindanao to the arduous trek to Mt Fuji a big chunk of my idealism died.

Every morning at the office I would always spend some time sipping a hot cop of cafe mocha staring at the commanding view of the Laguna de Bay. I miss getting in touch with myself getting lost in that great beauty of the expanse out there.

I just know that I have to reconnect with my old self.. Soon.

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