Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Week 4

It's rather unnerving to think that it's already my week 4 in my new company. I miss the camaraderie of my old company. The chit chats in the pantry, the occasional hiritan in the email, the quick updates during a facility tour. But now I have slowly accepted the fact that I have to move on.

In my second week in DKS my decision to move has been challenged. The amount of workload was more than what I've expected. But then when I stepped back and went through again the salient points, the underlying items, why I had to move, I became firmer in my resolve. I had to do the leap to achieve financial freedom. I am glad to say that the debt I incurred when my dad had a stroke 2 years ago will finally be settled.

I am sad in a lot of ways... yet I am pleased that things are going according to my plan.

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