Tuesday, 17 July 2012

60 in 60

Earlier today I received a note from my potential new boss. He was asking when I will be back in the Philippines so he could discuss the next step in my job application. Suddenly from the stratospheric heights of my euphoria I was plunged to the grounds of reality.

Oh yes. I am just living this 40-day dream. But after this once-in-a-lifetime journey I would be facing reality. I would be nearly broke and I need to have a job soon.

So with that grim reminder of inevitability I brought to mind my attempt to achieve 60 things to be done in 60 days. The 60 days of gap between my jobs. I have not actually completed the list and it's actually a work in progress but anyways here's the list so far...

60 in 60

1.     Plant a Rose
2.     Learn how to cook a native dish - DONE (Adobo!!!)
3.     Learn how to solve 3rd layer of Rubik’s Cube.. DONE (Missing step was Ri F Ri B B R Fi Ri B B R R Ui)
4.     Perform HDR photography
5.     Take photo of the Milky Way
6.     Have a reunion with former officemates
7.     Watch a play - DONE
8.     Send a postcard - DONE
9.     Observe the transit of Venus - DONE
10. Visit a new city - DONE  (Tallinn, Oslo, Budapest, Prague, Riga...need I say more ?)
11. Go to the gym - In progress
12. Update a blog - In progress
13. Road trip - DONE 
14. Send home Spark, my dog  - DONE
15. Generate 1000 profile views in CS - In progress
16. Get hosted - DONE ( Got hosted in Salzburg, Vienna, Berlin, Tallinn)
17. Bury the hatchet - DONE (made amends with a good old friend)
18. Reconnect with an old friend
19. Update wardrobe
20. Spend a day without PC and CP  - DONE
21. Spend a day doing nothing
22. Post 20 blog entries
23. Back up files
24. Activate Six Sigma blog
25. Get a compilation of Photo templates
26. Host a free hugs event - DONE ( Hosted a free hugs event in Tallinn Estonia)

27. Join a pub crawl - DONE
28. Experience God
29. Skinny dip in a lake, river or sea - DONE (swam in my birthday suit in Danube River)
30. Read a novel (any of the following would count - Perks of a Wallflower, To Kill a Mockingbird, Fountainhead, On the Road)
31. Watch a season of "Breaking Bad"

Still thinking of 29 other items...

Carpe Diem

I am a terrible blogger. I tend to procrastinate a lot. I am now in my 30th day of my journey and I have barely updated this blogspot. In my defense it is quite an arduous task to tour a new city, covering every possible site within the limited time, take pictures, edit, upload, make new friends, look for hosts, book tickets for next destination etc...

However in the remaining quarter of my 40-day journey I promise to unload my thoughts here while they are still fresh.

Everything had been a blast so far.

I wish it could go on like this but as in everything, all good things must come to an end. I guess this journey is in every bit like life. We enjoy, we party around, relish new friends and connections, revel in new discoveries but sooner or later it will end. I guess in a way I am sad.

But no matter what I always make it a point to remind myself to live in the present.

Carpe Diem !

Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 21 - Prague

I had a great time on my second day in Prague. I went to the weekly CS gathering where they have Karaoke. Even thoughI don't have a good voice, after downing a few beers I gathered to courage to sing onstage and belt "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi.

"It's my life ! It's now or never. I ain't gonna live forever. I just wanna live while I'm alive"

I think it's an apt song for my journey.